• The plastic-like taste that often occurs when water sits in a bottle all day does not happen with TASTEit. After water sits in a TASTEit bottle for a day, it tastes BETTER as the aroma from the lid infuses the water.
  • The more you use TASTEit, the better it tastes. Each time you drink from TASTEit, the brain “learns” from the taste experience, enhancing the flavor experience over time. In addition, when you start drinking TASTEit and cutting back on heavily flavored, sweetened beverages, you learn to appreciate flavors at lower levels increasing the enjoyment of everything you eat and drink.
  • TASTEit helps with your diet!
  • Many people mistake thirst signals for hunger signals and eat, when their bodies are actually trying to tell them they are thirsty. Everyone understands how smelling fresh bread makes them hungry. By drinking more with TASTEit, you manipulate that same mechanism to make you feel full.
  • Most diet plans suggest that people drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. Many people find that hard to do as they find plain water boring and tasteless compared to sugary beverages. Since TASTEit makes plain water taste lightly fruit flavored with a hint of sweet, drinking the recommended amount of water daily becomes a pleasure!