As you drink water from our patent pending TASTEit flavored lids, infused with natural fruit flavors, your brain and your taste buds think that the water tastes sweet and lightly fruit flavored.

About TASTEit4Water

Introducing the world’s first water bottle powered by Aroma! We add FDA approved All Natural fruit flavors into the lid. As you drink, you smell the refreshing fruit aromas which cause your brain to think the aroma you are smelling is a taste you are tasting. This works because what most people think is “taste” is actually a result of the sense of smell. Your tongue only tastes 5 basic sensations, Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Salty and Umami. All other taste is a result of the sense of smell! But since your tongue is hardwired to receive sweet, we also add sweet taste to the tip. Now as you drink, your nose smells the great aroma, your tongue gets a hit of sweet, and your brain sends the message you are drinking a lightly sweet tasting fruity water.

Just add water and enjoy healthy, sweet and lightly fruit flavored water.

About TASTEit4Coffee

TASTEit4Coffee allows you to experience your favorite coffee flavors
with a light cream and sugar taste without any additives.
Now you can reduce the use of unhealthy cream and sugar
and still enjoy your favorite coffee.

Why it works?

Here’s why… The human tongue can only detect 5 basic taste sensations. Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Salty & Umami. Virtually all other taste is a result of the Sense of Smell.

Since most of what people perceive as “taste” actually results from their sense of smell, a consumer’s taste experience can be enhanced by consuming beverages like water and coffee thru scented lids.

When people eat and drink, first they smell the aroma released from the food or beverage which provides an anticipation of the flavor they are about to taste. This is an innate process that has been taking place since the beginning of human existence… you can imagine that cavemen smelled their food to determine if it was safe to eat. Today, people smell their food to determine freshness and to gauge if they will like what they are about to eat. Therefore, an enticing aroma tells a consumer this is something they want to eat or drink. Next, as foods and beverages enter the mouth they release vapors that travel up through the retro nasal canal, past the nasal passages, until they reach the Olfactory Bulb where they are translated as flavor by the brain, giving the person the perception that the aroma they smell is a flavor they are tasting. Those scents are then translated as taste by the brain. These processes are called Ortho-Nasal Olfaction and Retro-Nasal Olfaction.

TASTEit4Water and TASTEit4Coffee lids further enhance the experience with ScentSational’s patent pending and Trade Secret technologies that deliver a sweet taste experience. Consumers really can get an amazing taste experience, without ingesting additional fat, calories or high levels sweeteners.

That’s why TASTEit works. When you drink water from your TASTEit4Water flavored lid, you smell the fresh fruit aromas like Lemon and Mandarin Orange and your brain gets the message you’re drinking lightly fruit flavored water. Further, since your tongue is hard-wired to taste sweet, we also add sweetness to the tip to complete the taste experience. And when you drink coffee from your TASTEit4Coffee flavored lid, you smell the fresh coffee flavors like Mocha, and French Vanilla.

About TASTEit Health

The idea for TASTEit Health™ was the inspiration of Brooke Mills, mother of twins, health enthusiast, actress and longtime Guest Host on a leading TV shopping network. While aware of the many benefits of drinking water instead of unhealthy beverages containing sugar, artificial sweeteners and preservatives, she disliked drinking plain, boring water. Her years of experience selling products on TV exposed her to new water bottles but none solved her problem.

Fast forward, Brooke brought together ScentSational Technologies and CDI International to make TASTEit Health a reality. ScentSational, founded in 1997, leads the industry in developing, patenting and licensing scented product and packaging technologies. CDI International has designed, manufactured and sold over 275 million drinkware products since 1993. Together, the TASTEit Health Team spent years developing TASTEit4Water, the first water bottle that makes water taste sweet and lightly fruit flavored.

TASTEit Health is dedicated to utilizing advanced aroma technologies in drinkware products to enhance the drinking experience, and significantly reduce the consumption of unhealthy beverages.


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